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Welcome to Croí Cróga – Courageous Heart Studio. All are welcome to join fellow courageous heart teachers and community. A place to go, a community to belong to and opportunity to be you and be vulnerable. “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage” (Brené Brown). Show Up, Be Seen, Be Courageous! Couraging Happens Here!

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Dear Croi Community,

I know you have all waited patiently for our reopening as have we.  We really want to get this right and do  no harm. "Ahimsa" – non-harm –  The practice of Ahimsa means simply "not doing harm". It does not distinguish between doing harm to others versus doing harm to onesself, or between harm as done to humans or animals or objects. It is hard to see our way through this principle and reopen just yet.  

Everyday we learn more about COVID-19 and this knowledge helps guides our Ahimsa approach to reopening.  We are using the month of July to assess the best practices for reopening fitness and yoga centers and will be turning to the guidance of national organizations such as IDEA  and Yoga Alliance who are providing updates and guidelines.  Their newest guidelines will be released later this summer. These guidelines are fluid because as the country reopens, we see spikes in COVID-19, as is actually happening here in Marathon County as I write this note. We have decided we do not want to contribute to the possiblity of spreading this virus so we will use July to monitor the progress and mitigation of COVID-19 and aim for reopening on a limited basis in early August.

Currently, we are researching new ideas of air purifying systems, alternatives to indoor practices and smaller class sizes. This is in addition to new protocols that will include pre-sign ups, required masks and use of personal equipment in place of studio owned equipment. As we get closer to August, we will be releasing more details.

We thank you for your patience through this unprecedented time.  It is our hope that you have found a way to see the silver lining in this experience.  It has shone a light on our humanity.  Our strength and fragility as human beings has never been more evident. The world slowed down and we had time to reflect and be mindful of the moment and assess our lives.  I hope to keep this awareness alive as I navigate my life and the reopening of Croi Croga.


UPDATE:  Croi Croga is taking a critical look at possible opening procedures.  Though we want to open asap, there are so many considerations that must be addressed.  The first of those considerations is the Health and Well Being of our community. We are examing all of our options for re-opening and have decided that not rushing to open is our first step.  During the first week of June we will be releasing our  plan for our "new normal".  We anticipate this plan to be fluid and to reflect changes as more information becomes available. We thank you for your support during this unprecdented time.

Croi Croga wishes everyone to stay healthy.  Take of yourself and do what is necessary to protect and support your family, friends and neighbors. The new normal might just be all of us turning to each other and noticing our fellow human beings and serving to help each other. 

We do not want you to worry about your monthly memberships or single monthly memberships.  We have cancelled all montly memberships (if you notice a payment being charged please contact us immediately and we will remedy it). As for monthly-- single monthly we will add time onto your purchase once we are permitted to reopen.  All class cards will be extended as well. All the time will be added once we get the notice we can reopen.


Become a Yoga Teacher ... or take this course for your own Life Enhancement

Want to be become a certified Yoga Teacher (250 hour training) or deepen your own practice by learning about Ayurvedic Arts Training.  Don't want to teach yoga but want to add a spark to your life?  This course is a great option as a LIfe Enhancement training.  It all starts in April. 2020. Visit our website for for more information or click here.  A 10 % discount is available for those who pay in full.  Call 715-432-4570 for more information. See the curriculum here

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