I have never done yoga before, what should I expect?

Our beginner classes at Croi Croga are geared towards people who are very new to yoga. You are the reason we are here. So no need to worry! We walk you through poses step by step and move at nice and easy pace. This helps you to learn the alignment of each posture and keeps you safe while building strength and flexability while slowly opening tight muscles. All classes incorporate deep breathing to relax your mind and body for greater opening in a gentle way. Come to Croí Cróga Studio and embody the concept of the courageous heart.

What are the health benefits of yoga?

Yoga has a myriad of health benefits. Breathing deeply keeps the mind focused, increases circulation and opens the lungs which improves oxygenation of your entire body. Stretching increases flexibility, which can prevent injuries. Strength and muscle tone are the result of supporting your body weight in various poses. And, physical exertion of any kind is super important for stress reduction. Because of the concentration required, your daily troubles seem to melt away during the time you are doing yoga. These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of practicing the art of yoga.
What is the difference between the types of yoga?
There are many different styles of yoga but they are all based on breath and postures. Vinyasa consists of moving one breath with one movement as you flow through a series of postures to get your blood flowing and your body moving.  Ióga Té  involves 26 postures that are repeated twice along with breathing techniques.  Resortative - Anam (soul) yoga is as relaxing as a spa treatment. Relax, deep tissue stretches and rest are core components of this class.

Which classes should I take?

You are welcome to take any class.  We recommend paying attention to your needs and allowing yourself to be open mentally and physically to your life changing experience.

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

If you believe you lack flexibility then you have just answered your own question.  How do you become flexible without practice?  In fact you will get so much out of our classes.  After all, yoga was actually created to help you gain more flexibility, which loosens tight muscles and prevents injury.

What should I wear to yoga? What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothing that is stretchy and loose fitting. A water bottle, towel and mat is the only physical equipment necessary. Additionally, we ask that you bring your “Croí Cróga” which is your courageous heart.   Show up, Be Seen and Live Courageously!

I work out often, can I take the advanced classes?”

Honor your body and mind and take time to adjust to your new exercise practice.

Should I eat before coming to class?

There is a difficult balance to find between eating and practicing yoga. Yoga on a full stomach is not fun, yet doing yoga when you’re starving isn’t a good idea either. We recommend eating a light snack one hour before class or a meal 2-3 hours before class. This way your body is fueled but not focused on digestion.
As always, when starting a new physical regimen, it is recommended that you visit with your physician for clearance.

New Students:

At Croi Croga –Courageous Heart Studio we welcome new students. We enjoy meeting you and invite you into this new experience. We know that this new venture can be frightening but we assure you that you are perfect as you are.  Life is about having experiences. So, in our studio no previous experience is necessary.  You think you are not fit?  We welcome imperfections! Life is a journey! Show up and be seen and be DARING! This is the way of the Courageous Heart.

Our expert instructors were all beginners once, too, and they have an abundance of compassion for anyone new to the practice. The beauty of practicing within a studio community is that you can learn from fellow students, as well, as you observe how more experienced students approach the practice. But it’s not a competition; it’s just about sharing this yoga we all love.

If you are brand new to Croi Croga –Courageous Heart Studio or if you haven’t taken a class at in more than a year, we offer your first month of unlimited yoga for just $30.

There’s no need to pre-register. Just bring the essentials to class with you and sign up at the registration desk on your first visit to Inner Fire Yoga.