Kris Kerns

"observant, attentive, authentic, loving, enterprising"

Kris believes in the power of group exercise to make positive changes for both your body and your mind.  She has been attending group exercise classes for over 20 years, but never envisioned herself at the front of the room.  That all changed in 2012.  As a stay at home mom of twins, she came back to group exercise to rebuild strength, but found much more than that.  She found a supportive community and friendships and chose to deepen this experience by becoming a teacher.  She truly enjoys the physical side of teaching, but the best part for her is seeing her participants grow both physically and mentally and being a part of their journey.  She loves trying new things and is always looking to learn and bring new ideas to her classes.

YMCA Group Exercise Instructor Certification

Certified Barre Instructor - Beyond Barre

Teacher Training Level 1 - YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, Inc.

Lisa Giordano

"honest, considerate, intelligent, undercurrents of zaniness, shabby chic"

Through her work as a Women's Studies instructor at UWSP and her own wellness journey, Lisa realized the critical role of body image on self-image and presence in the world. She discovered the power of group exercise, specifically dance, as a way to nurture confidence and positive body image. Lisa's dance-based classes provide a fun, challenging and supportive environment and include work on posture, balance, strength, and flexibility. Lisa is passionate about encouraging others to embrace the power and beauty of their bodies in a way that promotes authentic self-love and a positive presence outside the studio doors.

"The body says what words cannot"--Martha Graham.

Certified Personal Trainer - National Exercise Trainers Association
Certified Barre Instructor - International Ballet Barre Fitness Association
Silver Sneakers
YMCA Group Exercise

EDUCATION:  Ph.D. in Education - Ohio State University
M.A. in Counseling Psychology - University of Denver
B.A. in Psychology - Marquette University 

Katie Ruiz 

"Soft-spoken, gentle, quiet and introspective"

RYT 200 -- Yoga makes me feel better.  I first tried yoga because I needed some relief from the stress of working as a high school English teacher in southern California.  Yoga helps me remember to breathe deeply.  In 2009, I took a deep breath, left my teaching job, returned to my hometown in Minnesota, and dove wholeheartedly into vinyasa yoga teacher training with CorePower Yoga.  Yoga reminds me to stay present in the moment.  What did I have to lose?  Stress, fear, anxiety...and what I gained was a new perspective, two stellar years teaching yoga at Mayo Clinic's Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center, and a new career times two.  Yoga opens doors.  The compassion and joie de vivre that I experience in yoga led me to my present and beloved career in massage therapy.  Yoga makes me sweat. Join me in class to sweat out your discontent in one of our detoxifying hot classes or soothe your soul with an expressive vinyasa flow!

Heather Sage

“Compassionate, determined, curious, balances gentleness and fierceness”

RYT 200, Level 1 CFYT I am profoundly grateful for the healing, strength, and freedom that Forrest Yoga has ushered into my life, and am honored to share this practice with the Croi Croga community.  I first came to Forrest Yoga in 2012 to heal a knee injury and to cope with the stress of graduate school.  The practice helped me find the strength and clarity to make difficult life decisions, and to re-imagine my personal story about limitations like shyness and powerlessness.  When an opportunity came to take a teacher training with Ana Forrest in San Francisco last March, I jumped on it.  After being born, it has by far been my best decision yet.

An Antigo native, I bring a diverse range of life experiences and skills to my teaching.  I have always been fascinated by the interface between mind and body: what heals us, what empowers us?  After graduating with my B.S. in Entomology from UW Madison in 2010, I lived in a Zen Buddhist monastery in rural Iowa.  The intensive commitment to meditation did help bring freedom to my mind, but wreaked havoc on my body.  I began to pursue yoga as a way to alleviate the discomfort of long hours of sitting zazen. 

When I  moved to Arcata, CA for my Master’s in Biology, I stumbled into a Forrest Yoga class. Within ten minutes, I knew this was something special that I wanted more of.  The health and wellness challenges I have since faced have led me to get curious about fear and struggle.  I see these things we’ve been conditioned to avoid as sacred teachers and the keys to developing a deep, intimate, loving relationship with our self.  To the extent that we numb out on our difficult edges, we also numb out our joy.

I made a lot of my early teaching mistakes/learning opportunities in the lovely small community where I lived in Iowa, and recently relocated to Wausau.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to deepen connections in this community, to explore together and support each other to walk in beauty

Monica Preisig

"Powerful, humourous, patient and loving"

Wellness has always been a major part of my life.  I played numerous sports growing up and eventually I played collegiate tennis at UWSP. While playing for the tennis team, I earned my Bachelors of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness with an emphasis in Health and Wellness Coaching from UWSP. Through my major, I discovered other dimensions of wellness along with other forms of fitness such as group exercise.  That is what brought me to love group fitness and helping others enjoy working out! I am an AFAA certified in group exercise instructor and a certified Zumba instructor.  I recently join the Pound Fit team and love teaching it!  It is a totally different way to rock your workout!

Louise Anderson

"The Sage, great sense of humor, adventurous, spunky, loving and accepting"

My name is Louise Anderson.  My husband, Ron, and I have been married for 42 years.  We have three children, one granddaughter and two loyal dogs.  I was a stay at home mother while my children were young and then taught at Mayflower Nursery School in Green Bay.  Besides fitness I’m interested in gardening, quilting and spending time with my family.  My husband recently retired, and now he regularly attends my senior yoga class.

My interest in yoga began many years ago when I was in my early fifties.  I was asked to work with a group of young children and discovered how difficult and uncomfortable it was to sit pretzel legs on the floor.  Shortly after that I watched a television show about balance.  I tried a few balance poses and was shocked! After all I was an active person so how was I losing my sense of balance?  That’s when I thought I would give yoga a try.  I’ve been participating in yoga classes ever since.

I’m now in my sixties and have been teaching a senior yoga class since 2009.  I’m inspired to help other people my age enjoy a longer life with comfort, strength, and flexibility through the benefits of yoga.  Yoga is for “everyone at any time and at any age.”

Louise Anderson 

2012 Yogafit Teacher Training Program – YogaProps
2011 Yogafit Teacher Training Program – Therapeutic Back
2010 Yogafit Teacher Training Program – Anatomy and Alignment
2009  Teacher Training Level 1 and 2 - Yogafit Training Systems Worldwide, Inc.
2009 Teacher Training Program – Yogafit Seniors
1972 Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison

Karla Schneider

"Peace, Love, Understanding, Acceptance, Challenge, and Fiesty"

RYT 200 - I started my journey with yoga years ago when my life partner Zac and I decided to find a way to balance our bodies out from being athletes. In my case I used to skate in roller derby and had done a lot of damage that I was hoping to repair. It was a time in my life when I needed to find a way to center and renew myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Zac and I started a home yoga practice out of a book, I instantly feel in love. After practicing awhile I chose to attend an actual class, this became a journey starting from an idea and a book and advanced it to a life style. I found myself feeling more energetic – I had more patience, more self-awareness; I was stronger and had less stress.

My teaching approach emphasizes breath, alignment principles, deep holds and the journey inward, allowing the moment to become timeless. When I teach I encourage students to stay present on their mats; to give their best while being thoughtful of their body. As a teacher I see myself as the voice that helps the mind guide alignment and movement of the body to safely enter, remain and exit the posture at hand. Yoga is so beautiful because it provides everyone with their own journey. Yoga can heal the body, challenge & stimulate the mind, and inspire the spirit. As a yoga teacher, I hope to help others find their inner peace.

Celine McNelis-Kline, E.dD

"Funny, creative, introspective, always looking for opportunities to experience"

I have been teaching group exercise since 1986.   Studying Ballet during my childhood led me to a love of movement with music.  Upon entering college, I no longer had time to take ballet classes and found myself feeling sluggish and unfit.  This is when I discovered that group exercise was another way to meet my need for movement and music.  Teaching exercise became an integral part of my life and eventually it led me to my doctorate in Sport & Performance and Counseling Psychology.

For five years I served as the director of the Boston University Wellness Center, creating and developing life-skill based leadership programs for both high school and college age populations.   I have worked with Division 1 collegiate athletes since 1996 and created the Master’s program in Sport Psychology while working at the University of Denver.  Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin at Steven’s Point and the director of the Health and Wellness Coaching Program graduate certificate program.

I have integrated both my love of fitness and wellness with my desire to help people achieve peak performance in their own lives by combing fitness expertise with mindfulness and the mind-body connection overall.  I have also completed the Mayo Clinic Mindfulness training conducted by Dr. Amit Sood.   I have been a certified group exercise instructor for over 25 years.  I hold certifications from: AFAA in both group exercise and personal training, NETA yoga, BodyPumpTM,  Yogafit Level 1, 2, 4, and 5, (RYT 200) Namaste Yoga with Kate Potter, Prana Flow with Shiva Rea, Bickram training with Rajashree Choudhury, Relax and Renew Restorative training with Judith Lasater and TRX Rip Trainer Certification and Johnny G. Madd Dogg Athletics cycling.  Currently I am also an AFAA Examiner and Presenter.

My educational background is: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Adelphi University, a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from West Chester University and a Doctorate in Sport & Performance and Counseling Psychology from Boston University.